Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I caved

Brownies are in the oven as we speak. He was jut so cute!! Little monster- totally my fault! Sigh!

Brownies a la Josh

This morning is the second in a row that Josh has trotted over to a brownie mix box and requested that. Today he ate breakfast first, but not yesterday. Personally, I am attributing this one to his daddy. I don't ever eat brownies for breakfast, just leftover apple pie!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Moving the Blog

This may sound silly, but when I started blogging 3 years ago, we had just moved, and I only planned to use the blog title for a short while to keep everyone up to date.  I got tired of the name after a few months, but didn't want to move it.  Today I moved the blog.  It is now at http://chaosnkids.blogspot.com.

Come visit us there and keep up with our wild and crazy adventures.  I am still moving things over, so my look is a little screwy right now.  Fingers crossed it will all be better soon!

And now you know...

Useful Lessons
The water main is inside the house and not the thing in the yard stamped water. Turn it harder to get it to turn off.

When the plumbing supply store says buy both and see which one you need, it's a good idea.

When you start to lock your door and notice the key is bent at a weird angle, don't try to bend it back in the lock. It is hard to remove from the lock when the key breaks in half.

When you lock the baby in the car going to pick up the girls from Girl Scouts, don't do when your husband is at work. But if you do, make sure the neighbors are home and willing to bring you a spare key. Thank them profusely!!

The You Tube video showing someone unlocking their car over a cell phone to cell phone connection does not work. The guy at best buy was wrong.

Puppies really will chew on anything!! And keep the baby out of reach during a diaper change. Not even a puppy should lick there right then.

Don't even try taking pictures with a cranky baby. It won't be pretty!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Flip flop fan

Josh loves our shoes, Sunday and otherwise but especially flip flops. Tonight at bedtime he found a pair and trotted around the room wearing em's princess flip flops

Freezer Meals

I am on a mission to try stocking my freezer with ready to cook meals all in one big batch.  Having said that I just realized my sink is full of thawing meat.  Gotta run!  Meatballs are calling my name.

Homemade Playdough

I felt happy and domestic today so I whipped up a batch of salt playdough.  My mom was right.  It really dries out your hands.  It looks pretty, smells salty, and Josh would not play with it.  He had some little buddies come over and they like it though.  Sigh!  I want to try cornstarch playdough next.  That stuff is awesome!

If you want to make some salty goodness try this

2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
1 cup salt
1 Tbsp cream of tartar
2 Tbsp oil

Mix all the ingredients together in a pot on low/medium.  Stir until it forms a nice ball-maybe 5-8 minutes.  It is a good forearm workout.  Then mix food coloring gel into the dough balls.  Seal it up in airtight containers, and hopefully your child will want to touch it. We played outside instead.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another fine parenting moment

On Saturday Karl and I were in the bathroom getting ready for the day, ok fine, it was already past 10am. My neighbor dropped by and rang the bell. Josh answered since we didn't hear the bell, and the girls were outside with the dog.

He said "hi", chatted with my neighbor, then said "bye" and shut the door. Thy repeated this twice, each time she tried to call my name and get him to go get me. She finally gave up and went home to call me. Ah the shame!

Did I mentioned the door was locked?? Thankfully my neighbors are very nice, but I'll need to work on the showering so it is speedier!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"I've for fruit, sandwich, protein, and chocolate. What else am I missing?"

Gotta love it!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rain and potty training

Apparently Baxter is not a fan of the rain. All week it has been sunny and beautiful. Potty training is not a piece of cake. He goes every time I take him outside, which is great and I am taking home out at least 8 times a day, but and at least a few times I don't.

Today when I went to take him outside, he kept trying to run back up the stairs. So we used a lot of pee pee pads. Right now, he is curled up in his bed which is next to me on our bed. He had an episode of running or something in his sleep. It was really funny. he also sleeps with his tongue slightly out of his mouth. So cute!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First week of school and Baxter updates

The first week of school went really well I think. The girls seem to like both of their teachers, and both of them is eager to head off in the morning for the day.I'm hoping Sydney's teacher will help her get out of the habit of not actually talking with words, but using facial expressions and paws, or her sister to do the work for her.

And all the family is in love with our newest addition, well, let me qualify that. The humans are in love. The cats, not so much! The few days spent with the Jack Russel Terrorist puppy seems to have made a huge impression. The first 2 days Abby and Carrie refused to come inside. Now they are willing to enter the building, but Abby was not willing to stick around. I moved their food back to the garage, so Abby sits by the cat door meowing when she wants breakfast. I miss them. Carrie came in yesterday and Baxter tried to approach. She shot him down with one look. Talk about calm assertive energy and claiming your space! She had a clear message. He turned right around and went away. Abby, maybe we did the wrong thing. We scooped her up and held her near Baxter. She hissed and threatened him with her paws, he did absolutely nothing but sniff a little.

So I started this post yesterday, and today I am happy to report that not only are the cats back in the house, they even were in the same room with Baxter.  He has been quite quiet and respectful up until this point, although just a few minutes ago, he tried to invite Carrie to play with him.  She looked at him as if he was crazy and very slowly crept away from him.  He followed until I lured him away from her with a fun toy.  We played for a few minutes, and now he is happily snoozing in the crate.

Today the potty score was Baxter 6 - Heather 8.  My scores were successful potty breaks outside, His scores are the number of accidents.  Sigh.  I am thinking of training him to ring a bell.  One good thing, he is a puppy so they are small accident spots not big lakes!  But since Karl found them with his foot twice, I don't see that info really helping me right now.  Must monitor his movements more often!  Anyway, I'm off to bed.

Ithaca, Ny, Rochester, NY, and Hershey, PA Trip-Mid August

Two weeks before school, the kids and I went on a long trip to Upstate New York to see family.  We had a wonderful time with April & her family, and Grandma Margie.  We went to Stewart Park and road the carousel, we went to Buttermilk Park and played on the wonderful playground there, went to Uncle Hugh's, rode horse, feed critters, visited Purity Ice Cream, and just had a lovely time.  The weather was great, the kids were happy, and all in all it was great!

Oh, and Sydney found some more rocks to bring home, including one the size of an ostrich!  She also lost her first tooth!

Then we headed to Rochester to see David, Lydelle, and Chris.  As usual we had a blast there two.  The kids were all for tackling Chris and making him play all sorts of games with them.  Probably the silliest one was when Chris and I taught Josh to ride down the sloped lawn on the skateboard.  Then the best part was, we got him to push it back up the hill.  A tired baby is a good thing at bedtime.  Then the girls got in on the action and everyone took turns flying down the hill and climbing back up again.

On the way home, I was not feeling up to the 12 hour drive straight through, so we made a detour to Hershey, PA.  WOW!  That is a yummy smelling town!  we didn't go to the Park but we went to the hershey's world Tour, and really enjoyed that part.  The girls got to do a make your own chocolate bar "ride"  Josh and I tried to do that, but after waiting in line for 40 minutes, Josh was an absolute mess.  So we waited at the end of the ride/tour for the girls.  he was just as happy playing on the floor with his trains.  I wished we rode the trolley instead, but the girls thought it was the best thing ever!

Our hotel was simple and clean, but we got there too late to use the pool.  So we listened in the dark as Josh laughed to himself about his glow-in-the-dark pyjamas.  It was so cute!  The next morning we hit the free breakfast at the hotel.  josh managed to catapult his cereal and juice all over himself and the chair and floor.  Ahh!  Such wonderful guests we are!  the girls loved the giantic Belgain waffles.  Again, they declared it the best part ever.  they did not like that the hotel tv did not have a cartoon channel!    With that, we headed home,  (Oh but when I was loading the car, they were supposed to be watching Josh.  he met me in the lobby.  Since we were one room away from the lobby on the first floor, that is not as shocking as it seems.  But I was ticked!  The girls had no idea he was gone.  Thank you TV).  The drive home went well, and I was so glad to be home!

Luray Caverns trip

We went on one final family vacation this weekend. We left Saturday and headed to Luray, Va to see some truly amazing caverns. Apparently most of the tourists also came that day since the line was insane! But what a sight! So glad we went!

At the field next to our hotel was a real county fair. Despite the late hour, Karl took both girl over to ride the rides and see the animals. They all had a good time! Sydney is a total spped demon!  she was ready to go on all the scary looking rides.  but for most she was too short.  Emily was much more cautious.  When Karl told me their reactions, I was pretty surprised since it does not seem that way outside of fairgrounds, but still pretty cool.  The look on Sydney's face in this picture pretty well says it all!

The next morning after church, we drove to April's house. We spent the day hanging out at the field and playground. Emily, Sydney, and Josh had fun with Caleb. We also tested the flying abilities for karl's remote control car when it shot 6 feet up a tree. (student drivers) After 2 days with poor naps, Josh fell apart at bedtime! But finally all the kids went to sleep. April and I chatted about scrapbooking while Karl read. (meaning napped)

In the morning after another round of field sports, we headed off to Shendoah to pick up our new puppy. His name is Baxter. He is a cockapoo. He is 8 wks old, so just a baby still! The kids and I are thrilled!! He seems to like all of us and has spent most of the drive napping in my arms, or napping on my shoulder or my neck. Silly boy!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer vacation marches on

The floor has been picked up and clean at bedtime for a whole week! It is a new record! I am so proud of the girls. Now to make it so I can say the same thing for my room! We are working on it though. My goal is to get tidy by then start of the school year so when we get back to school I have good routines back in place.

In other happy news, I may have found a way to get through to Sydney. When she does not listen 3 times, I take away a Barbie doll. And I start with the good ones too. Yesterday she asked me how she could earn back the last one I had. I had her help me clean Josh's room. I have almost never seen her help clean so willingly. I was thrilled and I think she was proud of herself. She got her last Barbie back in her box. Despite all the grief those bed caused, I am SO Glad we did it. They really love having their own space. I have heard Sydney tell Emily her space is closed, and I think it was hard for Emily to deal with that, but it was good for Sydney to be able to have that as an option when she needs it.

Three more weeks of summer! It is so hard to believe we are nearly done with summer. We have not done all the things I planned to do yet! I am going to cram them all in if I can in these last 3 weeks. Next week I head to Ithaca with the kids for 4 days, tomorrow is rock climbing, when we get back maybe a quick Williamsburg trip, we shall see if it is still free for military and if reserve IDs will work! Emily is still complaining that this is not the summer she wanted. Hopefully next year we can take a "proper" vacation. Better get out of debt first!

Anyone know if night terrors can happen during the naptime? josh woke up today and seemed unreasonably upset and took 15 minutes to calm down. The whole time he seemed almost to be in rigor he was so stiff and over extended. It was very upsetting. Luckily the one thing that worked was starting a Thomas the Tank engine movie. Then he sat in my lap with Binky and Lovie and was a happy camper. It was not something I want to experience too often.

I am taking bets on the amount of time remaining in a crib! Josh has tried flinging his leg up and over the edge when he wants down and out at naptime and bedtime. Once he is able to swing over, the crib is toast. I hope I get another 3-4 weeks out of it, but I am not too hopeful that I will get much more than that. Such a wonderful invention the crib. How will naptime ever happen without it?